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Team & Conditions
Dear Customer before you give us to any devices to repair or purchase from us read this carefully.
Customer Please Check Your All Device or Components Laptop/Computer/HHD/Monitor/Data Before You Give to repair Excellence IT Services Any Missing or Lost We Are Not Responsible.

It is your responsibility to backup your data. This includes all hard drives, SSD drives and any memory or flash cards, etc. We are not liable for any data loss regardless of how caused. We treat all data the same and do not distinguish between files, documents, programs, etc in our data manipulation or workshop processes.
All Customer Note: Formatting & Software Installations Any Device Laptop/Computer/HHD Customer Please Take Backup(Data) In Your Own Any Backup(Data) Lost Our Company & Our Engineer Not Responsible
Our technicians have requested that a full fault description be provided to assist in the diagnosis and the repair of your computer. Failure to communicate all issues or to adequately convey the how, where and when of errors is not likely to result in all faults been attended to. If you remove your hard drive prior to our repair we cannot test it in your Windows environment and therefore cannot guarantee this aspect of any job.

Before Give us Laptop , Computer, Monitor, LED/LCD, Motherboard, Hard Disk , any other device to repair please check and Mention us this is Physically Damage or any other lost devices and Components .
During the repair process your hard drive will be tested for surface integrity and speed and in this event that it needs replacing you may not have the opportunity to access your data once the repair is complete. You acknowledge this. Also be aware that surface testing a failing hard drive can cause it to totally fail due to its intense usage. You agree that we cannot be held responsible for this if it occurs.
We can’t support & Service any third party Pirated software Such as adobe Photoshop, adobe Corel draw, adobe AutoCAD, adobe Autodesk, adobe 3d max, adobe 3d Maya, Autodesk Maya , Autodesk 3d Max Any other software.
If you using Outlook, Windows Mail any kind of mail Applications please inform us Before Formatting or repair. Customer should know his account setting and username password. Please Take Backup(Data) In Your Own Any Backup Lost Our Company & Our Engineer Not Responsible
After Formatting & OS (Operating system) Installations, OS Repair, Software Installations We Can’t Provide Any Kind of Warranty Please Note This before Formatting.

Formatted & Software Installed Device Laptop/Computer/HHD Before You Take Home/Office Please Check Component corrected & Check All Is Working Fine. No Warranty Any Issue.

We not support Tally. IF you have Tally Software Please inform us firstly & after please take backup your own hand if any data lost corruptions we and our Engineers Company not responsible data lost corruptions And Damage.

350/- Diagnosis Charge Are Compulsory Applicable If You Not Repair Device such as Laptop /Computer /HHD /Monitor /Motherboard Any Other All Component you give us to repair.

No services support will be given for any pirated software.

Valid Warranty only we provided and mention Date with Invoice.

After repair component please take back before 15 days after 15 days we are not responsible for any kind of damage and lost, corruptions in your component.
Sell Team & Conditions
Goods Once sold will not be taken back or Exchanged
Warranty of all products directly by manufacturing companies only
No warranty for burns & Physical Damage.
Prices & availability Subject to Change without prior notice.
Interest @36% will be charged at overdue bill or part.
Please show copy / copies of our invoice /warranty card for any type of warranty Repair /replacement to our engineer / authorized person if demanded.
Any dispute will be subject to Navi Mumbai jurisdiction
In any condition money shall not be refunded
No return of cash

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